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Vape Word Guide

Updated: Jan 5


The heating part of the e-cigarette that heats and vaporises the e-liquid. There are loads of them and each one is specific to the type of vape you buy. They need replacing every week or two depending on how much you vape. They are a low cost item generally starting from £1 – 2 pounds each. You can buy them in packs of 5 or singly.


The battery gives power to eh atomiser. They vary in size and are normally the biggest part of the electronic cigarette.


A Replaceable or refillable part of the e-cig. This is also the part that contains the filter and the e-liquid


When you connect the atomiser and clearomiser you have made a cartomiser.


This is the glass capsule that holds the e liquid. They range in size from 1ml to 5ml. You get a big one if you vape a lot and a small one if you want a small one.


This is the heating element connected to the atomiser. Like the atomiser, there are loads of different ones and each manufacturer has a specific range. They need to be bought specifically for the correct atomiser.

Drip Tip

A larger mouthpiece used instead of a regular e-cig cartridge to directly fill the liquid right onto the atomiser with ought removing the tip and taking it apart.


The liquid inside an e-cigarette. This is a flavoured solution you chose based on your personal preference taking in account flavour and nicotine strength.


A interchangeable or rebuildable vaping device that can be modified.


The addictive stimulant found in cigarettes and e-liquids. The percentage varies depending on how much you want or need to get the hit you like. Passthrough

This is the charger for your vape that lets you continue to vape while the vape is charging. PG

Propylene Glycol is one of the two main ingredients in an e liquid. PG is a colourless and odourless liquid otherwise also used widely throughout the pharmaceutical world.


Used to describe coils and wicks that are able to be built from scratch. This allows you to build a coil and wick to your exact requirements to really fine tune your vape experience.


Temperature Control – used to adjust the temperature of your vape to maximise the taste without burning the coil.

Throat Hit

This is like the feeling you get when you smoke, specifically describes the feeling when the e cigarette vapour hits the back of your throat when you inhale.


Using an electronic cigarette. It is the inhaling and exhaling of the water vapour produced by an electronic cigarette.


Variable voltage describes the ability to control the amount of power in the electronic cigarette. More power will allow more vape to be produced by the unit.


Watts measure the power and heat you want when vaping. Units that allow you to adjust the power delivered will show you this in watts and in volts.


The thread that soaks up the e-liquid inside the heating unit.

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