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has become one of the most trusted UK brands. The flavours are made using naturally extracted ingredients to create classic tastes at a high level. These smooth tasting e-liquids are made with cutting edge technology and guarantee a very high end vape. The wide range of flavours can offer you everything from Pineapple Crush to Blueberry Blast.


Riding on the ICELIQS brand, UNDERGROUND SERIES are the tobacco and menthol flavoured e-liquids. These are regular go to e-liquid when you are new to vaping. Get started with the Victoria or Euston and never look back.


This quality range of e-juice consists of light and fruity as well as creamy, sweet dessert flavours. Coming from the USA, they are now well renown as an international brand. All Decoded E-Juice Flavours Have 75% VG And 25% PG Ratio.

AREA 51 – Mango Lychee Papaya

Awaken your senses with a burst of tropical flavours and immerse yourself in a cocktail of exotic, delicious fresh fruit. Three of your five a day.

RONGORONGO – Strawberry Cucumber Citrus Indulge in a refreshing summer mojito, fruity with a zesty tang combined with the purity and calm of natural cucumber extract.

DAVINCI CODE – Butter Pecan Brule Rich and creamy buttery flavour with a hint of vanilla. Zero calories.

LOCH NESS – Peach N Cream Yogurt Fresh and perfectly ripe juicy peach blended with a mellow infusion of rich cream.

ATLANTIS – Pineapple Blueberry Guava Gentle infusion of refreshing natural exotic fruits, whipped into a soft medley of tangy trauma.

BIG FOOT – Warm vanilla layered caramel cookie sugary softness blankets your senses in .

DR FOGS ICE CREAM – A cool concoction. Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream-themed vapes. Six of the best premium blends available. These delicious flavoured swirls are an unmatched tribute to pure ice cream euphoria. Vanilla peanut butter ice cream and banana, and 2016 dessert flavour of the year Watermelon tropical sherbet – just two of the treats awaiting to tempt your tastebuds.


Twelve delightful flavours from Buffalo, New York. Do you believe in fate? If so these could be your perfect companion. These twelve astrologically named e-liquids beautifully define this premium brand. Look for plenty of dense vape plumes reaching the heavens.


This is a world class brand. FIVE PAWNS are pioneers in the e-liquid industry. Their premium e-liquids just exude quality. Castle Long is one of the best e-liquids in the world. They are pure class. With distinctive look and feel, FIVE PAWNS premium e-liquids are made to look like they come from whiskey barrels because they do in fact come from whisky barrels.


Cappuccino Ice Cream: Smooth and creamy cappuccino ice cream done to perfection.

French Vanilla Custard: Rich custard infused with vanilla bean flakes, mild caramel notes and sprinkled with graham cracker.

Bubba Grape: Original grape bubba gum.

Strawberry Martini: Strawberry martini with a twist of lime.

Tropical Smoothie: Fresh and fruity, zing up your palette with the luxurious aroma of blended natural tropical fruits Your mixed with a twist of pineapple

Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie: Ripe strawberries and watermelon.


The Capone – Creamy vanilla custard with amaretto cream and caramel undertones.

The Luciano – Caramelised pears infused with a sweet brandy reduction.

The Schultz – Strawberry margarita.

The Rocco – A blended ice sweet blueberry champagne Bellini.

The O’Brien – Vanilla bean ice cream topped with a Kahlua cream reduction and a dash of cinnamon.

The Real McCoy – Peanut butter with banana cream custard and hints of vanilla, topped with butter rum and a caramel finish.

The Remes – Absinthe cream tangerine mango.


This brand is coming from Canada and we think the name of it speaks for itself. So tasty… More real than a fresh baked donut. Be careful don’t eat the bottle! Donut vapes are really popular right now on the vape scene. You can get a whole host of flavours and wild combinations. Here at House of Vapes our latest range is five unique donut flavours from premium labs which promise to bring your favourite donut flavours to life in your vape.


This high quality American import e-cig liquid juice is one of the best you can get, brought to you by premium Labs in New York, these creamy custard flavours will blow your mind. Sweet desserts infused with chocolates and fruits. If you’re looking for the very best taste sensations to vape with then look no further. All premium labs Worlds Best Custards fogs are a high grade 80/20 mix, great for the biggest vape clouds and the best flavour. Try them today, posted to your door direct from the UK.


You’ve just found a super chilled and super cool Menthol Line to keep things fresh and invigorating for your minty taste buds.


EROS – Lychee Strawberry

PERSEUS – Sweet Blueberry Yogurt

ZEUS – Lime Greek Yogurt

APOLLO – Greek Yogurt With Granola

HERMES – Silk Vanilla Raspberry Cream Yogurt

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